Ruby has spent her life surrounded by film and integrated deeply within the industry. The daughter of a fabulous producer mother and a nutty photographer father who pledged allegiance to his large format Gandolfi plate cameras, by osmosis, she has film making and art ingrained in her DNA. However, her inquisitive fascination with the brain and how it works led her to a degree in psychology and a masters in neuroscience of mental health. Her role at Thunderdance Film Festival is that of organiser, planner and appreciator of film and filmmakers.

Josh set up shop in London's creative capital Soho in 2008 and went on to quickly develop relationships with fashion photographers/agents. His early work with people like Manolo Blahnik, Jo Wood & Wayne Hemmingway allowed Josh to cultivate his unique style centred around energy, beauty and excitement. As his body of work reached wider audiences, he began working with international advertising agencies. Being a budding film director, Josh would apply and go to many festivals. This lead him to dream of creating one himself, but with a difference. And so Thunderdance was born!